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Descendants of Henry Whicker


651. Moses L. Whicker

Information for Moses' family was found many years ago by Benjamin Archie
Whicker as he researched in the library in St. George, Utah. He gives his
source as the 1850 census. It is also given in the Whicker/Wicker book. This
family lived in Tyrell County in the 1840 census, and back in Forsyth in the
1850 census. rcw

1096. Jerusha R. Whicker

Jerusha was unmarried, living with a Martha Whicker in the 1910 census, age
78. rcw

670. Samuel Henry Whicker

On the IGI, Source Film #458238, there is a Henry Wicker, b. "abt 1835" in
Fountain City, Wayne Co., Indiana, who is the son of James and Martha Bundren
or Bundram Wicker. He could possibly be this Samuel Henry, or he could have
been another child born earlier than Samuel Henry. More research needed. rcw

1100. Vern P. Wicker

In the 1900 census, George V., also b. 1869 is listed with his mother, Sarah.
In the Wicker/Whicker Newsletter, the question is raised that perhaps Vern's
complete name is George Vern P. Wicker. rcw

674. Albert Whicker

Albert died as the result of a concussion received when he jumped from a
runaway buggy. The 1900 census states that Albert and Mary Etta have had
twelve children, nine of whom are living at the time of the census. (W/W
Newsletter, Vol. 3, #4, Aug. 1994) rcw

684. Harmon Allen Whicker

Harmon and Amanda moved to Kansas between 1856 and 1860 and lived in Lykins County. He was a blacksmith. Not found after 1860 census. rcw

1125. Sylvester Fremont Whicker

Film #1239549, P#866, O#12960 on IGI

1126. Viola Belle Whicker

F#170873, P#1158, O#39507 on IGI. Source information indicates that there are names and relationships of others stated in the source. rcw

685. Abel Davis Whicker

Known as Davis Whicker. rcw

1128. Mary Jane Wicker

Source on IGI: F#177935, P#264, O#9977. Indicates more information. rcw

1129. Rhoda R. Wicker

Rhoda is not in the Wicker/Whicker book, and neither is her sister, Mary Jane. I have no idea why. Source: F#177935, P#264, O#9978. rcw

686. James Anderson Whicker

On Nov 2,1861, James bought a homesite in Westfield, Hamilton Co., Indiana from Demcy and Mary Morris of Winneshiek Co., Iowa, and the deed listed James as being from the same county. Clarissa was 6 months pregnant at the time. Were they planning to move to Iowa, but changed their minds? The family was in Kansas by February 1871, when their last child was born. rcw

Clarissa Theresa Cain

The name "Thurza" is often given for Clarissa's middle name, but on an official deed book, it is spelled "Theresa". (Wicker/Whicker book) rcw

687. Nathan H. Whicker

BIRTH and DEATH: from Maj Carl Whicker

Eliza Perkins

BIRTH and DEATH from Major Carl Whicker
!Eliza was disowned for marrying out of unity by the Quaker Meeting. (W/W
Newsletter, Vol. 3, #4, Aug. 1994) Since Nathan's father was also condemned for
marrying out of unity, it appears that Nathan should have been raised in the
Quaker faith, as he was the child of Samuel and his first wife, Rhoda Knight.
The only other situation I can think of would be if Samuel had JOINED the
Quaker faith later in his life and his children were not Quaker at all. If
they were raised in the Quaker faith, why would Eliza have been disowned? rcw